School Uniform and Dress Code

Kingsmead students are expected to always look tidy, be clean and wear their school uniform at all times. There may be exceptions such as some school trips but students and their parents will be given clear guidance for the event.

The school reserves the right to make decisions about uniform and how it is worn, especially when issues of health and safety are concerned.


No extreme hairstyles; for example two-tone, shaved styles with patterns in, dyed hair of an unnatural colour

Jewellery and make up

Please note: make up and nail varnish remover is available in Student Support and students will be asked to remove excessive make up and nail varnish.

Knee length skirts and tailored trousers will be kept in Student Support and students will be required to change if they arrive in school in incorrect uniform.  The skirt or trousers loaned should be returned to school, in a clean condition, as soon as possible.  A record will be kept of any loaned uniform.

All new uniform will be available to order from Taunton Uniform.  It will also be possible to purchase the polo shirt and jumper from My Clothing online

You will be able to purchase the skirt and trousers from any retailer so long as they are the same style and colour, i.e. tailored trousers and knee length ‘A’ line skirts. 

Purchasing and Costs

All uniform will be available to order from Taunton Uniform at the following costs:

Boys’ trousers £14.99 - £18.99
Girls’ trousers £14.99 - £21.99
Jumper with logo £16.50 - £18.50
Polo shirt with logo £9.99 - £11.00
Skirt £14.99 - £16.99
My Clothing online costs:
Polo shirt with logo £4.50 - £6.50
Jumper with logo £7.00 - £9.00


* please note girls can have a skort OR shorts, or both