e-Learning & IT Services Support

Welcome to the e-Learning & IT Services support page. This is where you can find links to documents and videos to support yourself with Class Charts, Microsoft 365 and or Firefly. At the bottom of the page, you will find how to contact us for support.

Class Charts

Class Charts is used by Kingsmead school for rewards, behaviour, timetables, homework, communication with students and attendance details. Students have their own login using a unique pupil code. Class Charts can be accessed using a web browser on any device or an app through the Apple or Google Play stores.

Class Charts at Kingsmead
How to login to Class Charts as a Student
Parent-Carer guide to creating a Class Charts Account
Creating a Parent / Carer account in Class Charts (Video)

Microsoft 365

Kingsmead School students can install Microsoft Office for FREE on their personal devices, including Windows 10/11 and MacOS as well as Apps for Android, iOS and iPadOS. The licence will last for the duration of their time at Kingsmead. In addition, Microsoft 365 includes 1TB of cloud storage for student files accessible from anywhere and a 50GB mailbox also accessible from anywhere. Students will receive training in the use of Microsoft 365.

Below are some training videos to assist you with Microsoft 365.

How to log into Office 365
How to install and use Office 365
Accessing an encrypted email

For more support and information, please visit https://support.office.com/ 


All students have access to our virtual learning environment Firefly. Below are some training videos to assist you with Firefly.

Logging into Firefly as a Parent/Carer
Logging into Firefly as a Student
How to Access COVID School on Firefly
How to join a live lesson on Teams through Firefly


For IT assistance in relation to Microsoft 365, Firefly and or Class Charts, please then contact us from September via email at support@kingsmead-school.com.