Food Technology & Catering

Welcome to the Kingsmead School Catering Department

Food Technology (Ks3) & Hospitality & Catering (Ks4)

Curriculum Intent 

The aim of the department is to enable students to develop skills and knowledge in preparation and cooking methods using a wide variety of ingredients to produce healthy and nutritious dishes.

KS3 lessons are mainly practical based with a focus on producing healthy dishes. An introduction to hygiene and safety is the primary session, then students follow a carefully planned sequence of lessons that gradually builds their practical skills and introduces them to a wider variety of ingredients, utensils and equipment. They learn about healthy eating and balanced diet through the Eatwell Guide and start to appreciate how the nutritional content of dishes is an important part of a healthy life.

KS4 has been designed to develop the knowledge and understanding related to a range of hospitality and catering providers; how they operate and what they do to be successful, as well as transferable skills of problem solving, organisation, time management, planning and communication. Students gain a real-life insight into the hospitality trade and can progress into further education, employment or training within this work sector.

There is an annual trip in Year 11 to Butlins in Minehead to enable students to see first-hand how a business operates in both food and accommodation provision.

For those interested in further education in Hospitality & Catering there are opportunities to visit Taunton and Bridgwater College in the evening when the training restaurant is open to the public.

Sequence of Learning in Food Technology

Due to the allocation of Food Technology at Key Stage 3 being one lesson a fortnight, students are taught in 2 rotations throughout the year to enable progress.

This is a summary of the topics studied in Food Technology at Kingsmead School.

Key Stage 3 Sequence of Learning

Year 7

Year 8

Rotation one

Ten weeks

An introduction to hygiene and safety in the food room for practical lessons.

Apply hygiene and safety rules in practical lessons

Introduction to the Eatwell Guide and how to follow a balanced diet

Identifying and using a range of basic equipment to prepare and cook a variety of sweet and savoury dishes



Recall hygiene and safety rules used in the food room for practical lessons

Apply hygiene and safety rules in practical lessons

Develop sharp knife skills

The function of ingredients used in baking

Make a range of sweet and savoury dishes suitable to feed a family




Rotation two

Nine weeks


Recap and remind how to apply safety and hygiene rules in practical lessons

Introduction to using sharp knives and small electric appliances

Make a range of sweet and savoury dishes suitable to feed the family


Food packaging, labelling and the law

Sensory Analysis

Basic bread making

Cooking pasta

Design and make a pizza


Key Stage 4 Sequence of Learning

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Term 1 (Sept-Oct)

Safety and Hygiene in the catering industry

The structure of the Hospitality & Catering Industry

Nutrients and needs of specific groups of people

Term 2 (Nov-Dec)

Bread making and the theory/science of bread

Operational activities of the Kitchen Brigade &

Front of House

Menu planning: environmental issues and meeting customer needs

Term 3 (Jan-Feb)

Savoury pastry products

Understanding how ingredients work

Food related causes of ill health - including allergies/intolerances

Unit 2 Controlled Assessment

Term 4 (Feb-Mar)

Sweet pastry products

Presentation skills

Working conditions in the Hospitality & Catering Industry

Unit 2 Controlled assessment to include the 3-hour practical exam

Term 5 (Apr-May)

Commodities: Vegetables


Cooking methods

Hospitality & catering provision

Role & responsibility of Environmental Health

Revisit Unit 1

The Hospitality & Catering Industry

Term 6 (June - July)

Commodities: Fruit

Preparation techniques

External exam for Unit 1 (40% of final grade)

How to time plan?

Revise at home whilst on study leave if resitting Unit 1

Top 5 Websites

For additional learning and revision in this subject, see these websites:


Food Technology and Hospitality & Catering progress Overviews 

These are designed to outline the progression of Food Technology and Catering based learning within each year group. They make clear the skills, understanding and knowledge within each category of our language for learning