Year 9 Careers Day

Posted on Dec 01, 2017

Year 9 students had their Careers Day on Tuesday 28th November.  They spent the day taking part in 30 minute careers-taster sessions learning about industries ranging from the RAF, Navy, Construction and Transport, to Engineering, Environment, PR and Sport.  Visitors provided detailed overviews on the sorts of careers available in that sector, what sort of person they would suit and qualifications required.  Some students also had to solve the riddle of the mystery guest by asking key questions to work out what he did for a living.

Some of the year group worked in a session with Simon Kettle of EDF Energy STEMworks (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).  They worked on two challenges - one to make a simple generator using a magnet and coil of wire and the second to produce a wind turbine to produce electricity.

EDF Energy were also kind enough to host the Year 9 assembly that day, speaking about careers and employment opportunities during and after the build project at Hinkley Point.  Students left with a greater understanding of the project, its scale and the opportunities that may come available to them upon leaving Kingsmead.

Thank you to all our visitors for taking the time to visit Kingsmead and talk with the students.