Year 8 Careers Day

Posted on Feb 02, 2017

Year 8 students had a change from their timetabled lessons on Tuesday 31st January when they took part in a Careers Day at school.  Tutor Groups 8Ls, 8Me and 8Pm spent the day in 30 minute taster sessions, each one focusing on a different industry, to give the students an overview of the sorts of careers available in that sector and what sort of person they would suit.  Industries covered included Banking, Business, Law, Sport, Acting, the Navy/Marines and Transport to name a few. 

Meanwhile classes 8Wi, 8Fg and 8Mn took part in an all-day ‘STEM Challenge’ (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Workshop.  The students, working in small groups, were tasked to design and make a rocket which could be fired across the dining hall whilst holding an egg!  The aim was to ensure the rocket travelled the furthest possible distance without breaking its fragile cargo!  The challenge taught students about the design process, materials, aerodynamics and teamwork skills.  Well done to the winning team which comprised Leo Hunt, Jack Whitlam, Josh Harding, Sam Sutton and Nik Silaste.