Geography Learning Team

Welcome to the Kingsmead School GeographyLearning Team.

At Key Stage 3 (Year 7 & 8), our students study 5 individual units each year, all embedding geographical skills, which will enhance their undertanding of both physical and human environments.  The 5 units in Year 7 are currently ‘Map skills’ and My local area’, ‘Our Restless Earth’, ‘UK Physical and Human Geography’, ‘Asia: The next superpower?’, and ‘Coastal Landscapes’.

In Year 8 they are ‘Our Changing Climate’, ‘Risky Places’, ‘Our Human Planet’, ‘Rivers and flooding’, and Incredible India’.   These topics also compliment some of the learning at GCSE level, so students who opt into Geography at KS4 have already been studying some of the same topics and content.  Each unit involves a range of learning tasks and teaching styles, including mobile technology, group work and role plays, and individual, paired or group assessments. We assess students using the key 4 skills needed in geography- to be able to describe places and processes, to understand links between places and processes, to be able to justify opinions, and to be able to use sources, data, and statistics. 

At Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 & 11), students work towards the Edexcel Geography GCSE B award. They are taught 3 units, each broken down into individual topics. Unit 1 is ‘Global Geography’, and a mixture of physical and human topics. In Unit 2 students study ‘UK Geography’, and again a mixture of physical and human topics.  Students sit an exam in each in Year 11. They also sit a decision making exam based on our Unit 3 topics ‘People and the Environment’. All are examined at the end of Year 11 and there is no coursework.

Each year group experiences fieldwork. Year 7 visit the local town and conduct environmental surveys and use map skills. Year 8 conduct weather investigations and local river fieldwork. In early Year 10 students visit Bristol to undertake a piece of human geography fieldwork, and in late Year 10 students visit Exmoor and measure a river from its source to mouth. Both fieldwork trips are written up as projects, which are then examined in the Unit 2 exam about UK Geography.


We pay for annual access to Kerboodle, so that GCSE students can access the textbook used mainly for the course via ICT platforms such as mobile devices and computers. The learning team has organised the opportunity for students to participate in environmental awareness and sustainability through the School’s PSHCE lessons as well.

We aim to make sure that each and every student in geography enjoys their learning and makes excellent progress in both Key Stages. We feel we build very positive relationships with students and have high expectations, and that students enjoy their lessons but also see the relevance of their learning in the ‘real world’.

Useful websites: Edexcel page for past papers, resources. A good range of content and topics taught. This page will allow you to log in to our online textbook to enhance understanding of topics we teach and complete home learning tasks. Follow the Geography department on Twitter: @KingsmeadGeog, for up to date information on homework, trips, visits, exam etc.