Welcome to the Kingsmead School AEN Team.

Kingsmead is a fully inclusive school with an outstanding reputation for work with young people who have additional needs.

Our experienced and dedicated team of Teaching Assistants provide excellent in class, individual and small group support.

Specialised areas within the School include the Enrichment Centre which provides a nurturing environment, the Learning Support Centre for Students with Specific Learning difficulties and the Student Support Centre for pastoral guidance.

Our individual curriculum includes Boys/Girls Groups; Healthy Eating; Horse riding and Motor Skills. Our older Student Mentors work 1:1 with younger pupils in a variety of supporting roles, developing and enhancing our inclusive environment.

A complete outline of the support we provide can be found in the school’s AEN Local Offer (under ‘Information’ on the Home Page).

Top 6 useful websites:

I CAN - The Children's Communication Charity

Autism Education Trust

The British Dyslexia Association

Dyspraxia Foundation

Maths Learning Disability Resource

Somerset Parent Carer Forum - click here