Careers and Training Advice & Guidance

Careers ‘Speed Dating’ at Kingsmead!

There is a comprehensive programme of careers education available at Kingsmead School. Every student has at least one careers related challenge day from year 8 through to 11. Each of these involves representatives of industry speaking from first-hand experience about opportunities within their field of employment.

There are opportunities to visit major employers such as Hinkley Point C both within the curriculum and challenge day programme. Regional employers and all colleges across Somerset take assemblies during years 10 and 11. Both bodies are also available to speak to students at optional lunchtime seminars about the opportunities available to them upon leaving Kingsmead.

A range of important information such as open evening dates in all Somerset Colleges can be found on the SLP / Firefly. Students are provided with college prospectuses and can browse university prospectuses in tutor time. In years 10 and 11 all students have the opportunity to attend a one to one interview with a qualified Careers Advisor. At the start or Year 10 and 11 all parents are invited to a college/careers fair at the ‘Supporting Your Child’ evening. Towards the end of Year 11 all students also attend a transition event to prepare them to join their chosen college.

In summary, fulfil our statutory duty to deliver CEIAG from Years 8-11 through:

Students can see Mr Pierce should they have any further Careers Advice and Guidance needs.